Oracle Fusion Middleware is a middleware technology composed of several software of Oracle and it provides services, such as JAVA EE, developer tools, integration services, business intelligence, and content management. OFM provides software for development, distribution and management services for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).


One of the most important requirements of organizations today is to accelerate application development process as much as possible and to meet the market’s expectations in the fastest manner. BEA WebLogic Server offers an infrastructure to organizations to develop applications for their business requirements without spending time on the development of infrastructure services during application development process. Thanks to such solid and easily managed infrastructure provided by WebLogic, it is ensured that background data resources are accessed securely and quickly by users.

Forms & Reports

Oracle Forms is a software product that can create interactive screens with an Oracle database. PL/SQL is used in Oracle Forms and there is a code editor with a specifications page. Although it was originally developed to be run on the server side, several features were added in time in order to run it on Client/Server architecture. Its latest versions can run under Java EE and it can be integrated with Java and Web services. Oracle Reports is a reporting tool developed for Oracle Forms.

Golden Gate

Oracle GoldenGate a member of Fusion Middleware product group of Oracle, is a software solution allowing DML, DDL, DCL and TCL replication of data between databases. In other words, we can migrate and operate the records of transactions performed on the source database to any destination database either in real time (online) or as delayed thanks to Oracle GoldenGate. Such migration may either include all transactions made on the source database or be performed as the migration of a specific sequence, table or scheme.

As Metod IT, we offer the best and highest quality service to our customers for Weblogic, Forms and Reports and Golden Gate as a part of Oracle Fusion Middleware. The services we provide under middleware technology:

·         7/24 Support

·         5/8 (8 hours in every weekday) Support

·         Installation and configuration of Oracle Middleware software

·         Updating and development of current Oracle Middleware software

·         Daily System checks

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